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Norland Park develops evidence-based business and product improvement programs to amplify the value of products and efficiency of services

Norland Park designs, develops and implements improvement programs

Improvement programs help organizations redesign their existing business operations to accomplish significant improvement in production and operations. Improvement programs developed by Norland Park are aimed to achieve the desired organizational outcomes by using existing and new resources in a better way.

When implemented by means of a structured methodology, various improvement programs serve companies to reduce their operational costs and cycle time, enhance customer service, and improve the quality of their products or services.


Our focus


Organizational processes and communication


Sustainability and continuous improvement


Automation and digitalization

Our process



We get to know one other and gather information related to your organization, and it's specifics. In this stage, we will also determine focus areas for improvement program development.


To better understand your organization, we will research your specific industry and operational context. We will gather past and forecast future performance data, measure the current state of the organization, and validate assumptions made in the discovery phase.


We will hold strategic planning sessions and develop improvement programs tailored to your organization. We will use all the data, performance indicators, and feedback we have gathered so far to develop improvement programs that strategically approach areas of focus for your organization.


We continue with improvement program implementation in your organization. We will develop specific training materials, prepare and develop automation systems, introduce tools and practices to fulfill the strategic goals as defined in the improvement program.


We gather post-implementation performance feedback, analyze the impact and effectiveness of the improvement program, and make necessary adjustments to ensure improvement programs meet their goals.


Organizational improvement is a continuous process. We return to the start and analyze what other improvements your organization could adopt in order to increase the value of products and efficiency of services.

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Importance of efficiency in an organization cannot be understated and is of utmost importance. We created a checklist for you to be able to self-evaluate efficiency in your organization. Online. For free.


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